18 thoughts on “Boots

  1. I want to thank you for your talent. I saw your story on CREATE TV. I would like for you to make me a pair of boots. Again, thank you.


  2. I’ve been wearing cowboy boots for most of my 60 years and I’ve got to say you make some of the most beautiful boots that I’ve ever seen. I must have missed the Craft in America segment that featured you, but I did see a snippet of it and was impressed.
    From one artist to another “Keep up the Good Work!”


  3. Lisa, you are a true artisan and gifted cordwaner. Nice to see your daughter has innate talent for crafting boots like her mother. Beautiful and exquisite boots!! I’m in Texas. How do I go about ordering a pair of custom boots? You and yours stay healthy, blessed and safe. Just watched you on Texas Country Reporter.


    1. Elsa,
      Thank you so much!

      That program was filmed a few years ago. We lost our beautiful shoemaking daughter in 2017, and I don’t accept too many new clients anymore. My website is if you’d like to take a look at it and see if ordering from me is right for you. I’m also happy to recommend other boot makers! I have lots of boot maker friends who make awesome boots, so message me if you’d like some recommendations.


  4. Hi Lisa, love your videos, thank you for sharing..
    I have an American straight needle also and was wondering where you got your bobbins and what thread size you use… thank you,
    Erica @ Pegasus Bridles


      1. Saw your story on pbs !! Can you do a ope cat fish on the boot ? It’s a family tradition in our family . Two of my boys wear boots and it would be a wonderful gift to them . Thank you


  5. Hello Lisa,
    I just came across this and I am obsessed with your attention to detail and the talent you have! Mind blowing! I know you don’t take orders anymore but do you have any to sell? I’m a 9, 91/2 to a 10 depending on the boot. I absolutely in love with your boots!
    If I could I would wear cowboy boots every day! Please let me know. Thank you!


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